SCG Smartboard Ceiling can be installed with various elegant styles, such as bent ceiling, pocket ceiling or leveling ceiling, space lining ceiling or T-bar, or mixed among various models to enhance elegancy. Down lights can be installed, or painted over by 1000/0 acrylic paint as wished.


High impact strength, durability and easy installation
SCG Smartboard is the most suitable choice for exterior and interior wall & partition, especially in home improvement or renovation area.
• High impact strength: SCG Smartboard can support impact from any forces action on surface.
• Durability: SCG Smartboard can withstand the extreme weather like heavy rain and directsunlight with no change in its strength properties. Plus, with its fire resistant properties, SCG Smartboard is suitable for both residential and commercial building.
• Easy and fast installation: SCG Smartboard wall system is 5 times faster and required less process than conventional wall. Furthermore, it requires no structural support because of its lightweight. Total wall system is 15% lighter than brick and mortar wall.


• Strong and Durable: can support loading up to 500 kgs/sq m
• Save time and cost: comparing to conventional concrete floors, SCG Smartboard flooring has lighter weight and less installation process which, in turn, will save total cost.
• Suitable for:
– Buildings that require construction rapidity such as hotel, resort, restaurant.
– Constructions which concern about loading effect to structure and foundation.